Prices for tests in the medical laboratory

The cost of analysis is indicated without taking biomaterial.
* The cost of analysis is indicated without taking biomaterial

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  • Determination of belonging to a certain blood group according to the AB0 system.
  • One of the main laboratory studies for the quantitative and qualitative assessment of all classes of blood cells. Includes a blood smear cytology...
    £12.99 £10.99
  • A test often used in screening studies, in monitoring the course and monitoring the effectiveness of the treatment of inflammatory and infectious diseases...
  • Isoserological assessment of human blood belonging to the Rhesus system.
  • Differential white blood cell count, white blood cell, Differential White Blood Cell Count) with a blood smear microscopy in the presence of pathological...

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Different researches last differently. For example, program in about risk factors of cardiovascular diseases, its duration was considered several days as from the first day when field research was conducted to the last day it was finished. So, a lot depends on the type of the research and its aim. In some cases, the research duration can be stated in the attached article.